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<abc> X:1 T:Lark in the Morning, The Z:Vancouver, Boston M:6/8 R:jig K:G dB|:AFA AFA|BGB BdB|AFA AFA|fed BdB|AFA AFA|BGB BAB|def afe|fed BdB:| def a2a|baf afe|def g2e|fed BAB|def ~a3|baf a2f|~g3 faf|edB BAB:| .d2 f fef|fef fef|.d2 f fef|edB BAB|.d2 f fef|feffed|~g3 faf|edB BAF:| Add fdd|ede fdB|Add fdd|edB BAF|Add fdd|ede fed|~g3 faf|edB BAF:| </abc>

<abc> X:2 T:Donnybrook Fair T:Joy of My Life, The Z:This is about as often found under one title as the other. M:6/8 R:jig K:G D|~G3 AGA|Bee dBA|BAB GAB|AGE GED|~G3 AGA|Bee dBA|BAB GAB|AGF G2:| f|gfe fed|ege dBA|Bee fed|Bee e2 f|~g3 fed|ege dBA|BAB GAB|AGF G2 f|

gfe fedege dBABee fedBee e2 f~g3 agabge dBABAB GABAGF G2


<abc> X:3 T:Cliffs of Moher, The M:6/8 Z:Boston, Madison, Vancouver R:jig K:G eaa bag|(4efaf ged|c2 A BAG|EFG ABc|eaa bag|(4efaf ged|cAA BAG|EFG A3:| efe dBA|efe dBA|G2 d dBA|GAB dBd|efe dBA|efe dBA|GAB dBG|EFG A3| ~e3 dBA|~e3 dBA|~G3 dBA|GAB dBd|efe dee|cee Bee|EFG BAG|EDB, A,3|| </abc>

<abc> X:4 T:Blarney Pilgrim, The M:6/8 R:jig K:G ~D3 DEG|A3 z2 c|BAG AGE|GEA GED|~D3 DEG|A3 z2 c |BAG AGE|GED D2z:| ded dBG|AGA BGE|ded dBG|ABA GBd|g2e dBG|AGA BGD|~B3 AGE|~G3 G2 z:| ADD BDD|A2D ABc|BAG AGE|GEA GED|ADD BDD|A2D ABc|BAG AGE|GED D2 z:| </abc>

<abc> X:5 T:Scatter the Mud T:Maid of Tramore, The M:6/8 R:jig Z:Madison K:ADor eAABAA|eAA ABd|eAA BAB|dBG GBd|eAA BAA|eAA AGE|GABd2e|dBAA3:| abag2e|dBGGBd|abag2e|dBde3|abag2e|dBGAGE|GAB d2e|dBA A3:| </abc>

<abc> X:6 T:Tripping Up the Stairs Z:Madison M:6/8 R:jig K:D A|FAA GBB|Add fed|cBc ABc|dfe d2A|FAA GBB|Add fed|cBc ABc|dfe d2:| c|dBB fBB|fgf fed|cAA eAA|efe edc|dBB fBB|fgf fed|cBc ABc|dfe d2:| </abc>

<abc> X:7 T:Kesh Jig, The T:Kerrigan's Jig M:6/8 Z:Boston It is very widely played. R:jig K:G D|~G3 GAB|ABA ABd|edd gdd|edB dBA|~G3 GAB|ABA ABd|edd gdB|AGF G2:| A|~B3 dBd|ege dBG|~B3 dBG|ABA AGA|BAB dBd|ege dBd|gfg aga|bgf g2:| </abc>

<abc> X:8 T:Saddle the Pony T:Priests Leap, The M:6/8 Z:Boston R:jig K:G D|GBA G2 B|def gdB|GBA G2B|AFD AFD|GBA G2 B|def gfg|edB dBA|BGG G2:| d|efe edB|def gfg|efe edB|dBA ABd|efe edB|def gfg|edB dBA|BGG G2:| </abc>

<abc> X:9 T:Whelan's Fancy M:6/8 Z:Boston Z:A rolling version of Morrison's R:jig K:EDor ~E3 BAF|FEB AFD|~E3 ~B3|dcB AFD|~E3 BAF|FEB AFA|BdB BAB|dAG FED:| ~B3 ~e3|fed efe|~B3 g2 e|fed BAF|~B3 e2 g|fed e2 f|gbg faf|edB AFD:| </abc>

<abc> X:10 T:Morrison's M:6/8 R:jig K:EDor


Bee fee|aee fed|Bee fee|fag fed|Bee fee|aee fed|gfe d2A|BAG FED| Bee fee|aee fed|Bee fee|faf def|~g3 gfe|def g2 d|edc d2 A|BAG FED|| </abc>

<abc> X:11 T:Connaughtman's Rambles, The M:6/8 Z:Seattle Z:From O'Neill's R:jig K:D AG|FAA dAA|BAB dAG|FAA dfe|dBB BAG|FAA dAA|BAB def|gfe dfe|dBB B2:| e|fbb faa|fef d2e|fbb faa|fed ede|fbb afe|dBc def|gfe dfe|dBB B2:| </abc>

<abc> X:12 T:Clare Jig, The T:Mug of Brown Ale, The M:6/8 Z:Seattle R:jig K:ADor gf|eAA fAA|gfg age|dBA ~G3|BGB dBd|eAA fAA|gfg age|dBd gdB|ABA A2:| efg ~a3|aba age|dBd ~g3|bag fed|efg ~a3|aba age|dBd gdB|ABA A2 z| efg ~a3|aba age|dBd ~g3|gba ged|efg a2b|c'2b age|dBg dBG|EAA A2|| </abc>

<abc> X:13 T:Garrett Barry's M:6/8 Z:Seattle. Fine piping jig. R:jig K:DMix DEF ~G3|AGE c2A|dcA d2e|fed cAG|EFF GFG|AGA cde|dcA GEA|~D3 D2:| A|dcA d2e|fed ege|dcA c2d|ege dcA|dcA d2e|~f3 ~e3|dcA GEA|~D3 D2:| </abc>

<abc> X:14 T: Gold Ring, The M:6/8 Z:Boston. This is one of the “big” jigs for the uilleann pipes. Z:(Not so bad on a fiddle either, it's just that it goes so well Z:on the pipes with all those D crans.) If it's a standard in a session, there Z:are probably pipers around. Seamus Ennis used to tell the story of Z:its origin: it was originally learned from the fairies. R:jig K:G d|BAG A2d|cAG ~G3|BAG A2d|cDE ~F3|BAG A2d|cAG ~G3|gbg afd|cAF G2:| A|~B3 Bdc|~A3 dcA|~G3 GFG|AdB BAG|~B3 Bdc|~A3 A2G|FDE F2d|cAF G2:| g|fdd edd|fdd edd|fdd edd|cAF G2g|fdd edd|fdd edd|(4.f.gag fed|cAF G2:| d|~g3 f2d|cAG GBd|~g3 f2 d|cDE ~F3|~g3 fad|~g3 fad|gbg afd|cAF G2:| E|DBB DBB|DAA DAA|~G3 GBd|cAG FGA|DBB DBB|DAA DAA|~G3 GBd|cAF G2:| A|~B3 ~D3|~A3 ~D3 |~G3 GBd|cAG FGA|~B3 ~D3|~A3 ~D3|~G3 GBd|cAF G2:| A|B2G A2G|d2 G G2A|B2G A2G|cAG FGA|BAG AGF|GFE FGA|(4.f.gag fed|cAF G2:| </abc>

<abc> X:15 T:Fainne Oir Ort T:Gold Ring, The M:6/8 Z:There are two unrelated tunes called the Gold Ring, so we gave the Irish Z:name here. Really for a fiddle, but it can be faked quite well on other Z:instruments. (Not really that widely known–introduce it to your Z:session.) From Ceol Rince na hEireann. R:jig K:D DB,|DA,A, DFA|dfd edA|BdB AFD|EDE FDB,|A,G,A, DFA|dfd edA|BdB AFE|FDD D2:| B|AFA dfa|bgb afd|gag faf|ede fdB|AFA dfa|bgb afd|BdB AFA|Bdd d2:| e|dFF AFE|DFE DFA|dfd ede|fdB BAB|dFF AFE|DFE DFA|dfd ede|fdd d2:| B|AFA dfd|BAB dAF|DEF EDE|FDB, B,BA|AFA dfd|BAB dAF|DEF EDE|FDD D2:| </abc>

<abc> X:16 T:Top of the Cork Road, The T:Father O'Flynn Z:Another very widely known tune. M:6/8 R:jig K:D A|dAF DFA|ded cBA|dcd efg|fdf ecA|dAF DFA|ded cBA|dcd efg|fdc d2:| g|fdf fga|ecA ABc|dcd Bed|cAA A2c|BGB Bcd|AFD DFA|dcd efg|fdc d2:| </abc>

<abc> X:17 T:Sixpenny Money M:6/8 R:jig K:G fAA fAA|BAG FGE| ~D3 AFA|dfd e2d|fAA fAA|BAG FGE| ~D3 AFA|dfd e2d:| ~f3 gfg|afd edd|fef gfg|afd e2d|~f3 ~g3|afd edB|ABA AFA|dfd e2d:| </abc>


<abc> X:18 T:Old Hag in the Kiln, The T:Dinny Delaney's M:12/8 Z: Note the second part is also played as the fourth part. E:10 R:single jig K:DMix A2D ~D3 A2G EFG|A2D ~D3 G2A GED|A2D ~D3 c2de2d|dcA AGE G2A GED:| dcA AGE c3 ABc|dcA AGE G2A GED|dcA AGE c2de2d|dcA AGE G2A GED:| A2 D~D3 A2B G2B|A2B G2A E2G EDD|A2D~D3 c2d e2d|dcA AGE G2A GED:| dcA AGE c3 ABc|dcA AGE G2A GED|dcA AGE c2d e2d|dcA AGE G2A GED:| </abc>

<abc> X:19 T:Dingle Regatta, The M:12/8 E:12 Z:Boston R:slide K:G d^cd e2 d BAB d2 B|~A3 AGA B2A G2 z|d^cd e2 d BAB d2B|~A3 B2A G3 z2 z:| d2d def ~g3 gfg|~a3 aga b2a gfe|d^cd def ~g3 g2 b|a2g f2e def g3:| .g2 z .d2z BdB G3|~A3 DEF G2 B d2 z|.g2 z .d2z BdB G3|~A3 DEF G2 B G2 z:|

\vskip .5in Seamus Ennis doesn't play the third part, and plays the second part as follows.

Bdd def g3 faf|g2e dBd e2 A AGA|Bdd def g3 faf|efe def g3 z2:| </abc>

<abc> X:20 T:Kathleen Hehir's Slide Z:from the playing of de Danann M:12/8 E:11 R:slide K:D A|dcd e2d c2E EFG|~B3 BAG F2D DFA|dcd e2d c2E EFG|ABA GFE D3 z2:| E|F2A ded c2B G3|ABA G2E B2A F3|DFA ded c2B G3|EFG ABc d3 z2:| A|ded d2e f2d A3|fgf fed c2d ecA|ded d2e f2d A2F|EFG ABc d3 z2:| f|a2f f2d Adf agf|g2e e2c Bcd efg|a2f f2d Adf agf|gec ABc d3 z2:| </abc>

<abc> X:21 T:Denis Murphy's Slide M:12/8 Z:Boston Z: From the playing of Padraig O'Keefe R:slide E:12 K:D dB|A2 D FED F2 AA2 f|gfe fed e2d B2d|A2D FED F2 AA2 f|a2f e2f d3 d2:| A|d2e f2a a2f fef|g3 faf e2d BAB|d2e f2f gfe f2f|a2f e2f d3 d2A| d2e f2f gfe f2f|gfe fed e2d BAB|d2e f2f gfe f2f|a2f e2f d3 d2|| </abc>

<abc> X:22 T:Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife T:Merrily Dance the Quaker Z:Boston R:slide K:G D|GAB D2B|c2A BGE|GAB DEG|~A3 A2D|GAB D2B|c2A BGE|GAB D2 E|G3 G2:| c|BGGAGG|BGG AGE|GAB DEG|A3 AGA|BGG AGG|BGG AGE|GAB D2E|G3 G2:| d|~g3 aga|bge dBd|~g3 gab|~a3 aba|gbg faf|ege dBA|GAB D2 E|G3 G2:| </abc>


<abc> X:23 T:Foxhunter's Jig, The Z:Madison R:slip jig M:9/8 E:13 K:D FDF F2DG2 E|FDF F2DE2 D|FDF F2D G2B|AFD DEF E2D:| ~B3 BAG FGA|B2EE2FG2B|ABcdcB ABc|d2DD2FE2D:| fgf f2dg2e|fgf f2de2d|fgf f2d g2b|afd def e2 d:| gfe dcB AGF|B2E E2F G2B|ABc dcB ABc|d2D DEF E2 D:| </abc>

<abc> X:24 T:Butterfly, The M:9/8 C:John Potts E:15 Z:Boston R:slip jig K:EDor B2EG2EF3|B2EG2E FED|B2EG2EF3|B2dd2B AFD:| B2=ce2fg3|B2d g2e dBA|B2=ce2fg2a|b2ag2e dBA:| B2BB2AG2A|B3 BAB dBA|~B3 B2AG2A|B2dg2e dBA:| </abc>

<abc> X:25 T:Kid on the Mountain, The M:9/8 Z:O'Neill's has a sixth part that I've never heard played. R:slip jig E:13 K:G ~E3 FEF ~G3| ~E3 c2 A BGE|EDE FEF G2 A|BAG FAG FED:| BGB AFA G2D|GAB dge dBA|BGB AFA G2 A|BAG FAG FED:| egg eBB e2 f|~g3 efg afd|egg eBB ega|bag fag fed:| eBB e2 f ~g3| eBB efg afd|eBB e2f g2 a|bag fag fed:| edB dBA G2 D|GAB dge dBd|edB dBA G2 A|BAG FAG FED:| </abc>


<abc> X:26 T:Maid Behind the Bar, The T:Green Mountain, The M:C| R:reel Z:Vancouver, Boston Z:In O'Neill's as the Green Mountain, with a bit different setting. E:7 K:D AG|FAAB AFED|FAAB A2 de|fBBA Bcde|f2 gf edBA|FAAB AFED|FAAB A2 de|fBBA BcdB|AFEF D3:| e|fgag fdde|fdad fd d2|efga beef|gebe ge ~e2|faaf bfaf|defd e2 de|fBBA BcdB|AFEF D3:| </abc>

<abc> X:27 T:Miss McLeod's T:Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay M:C| R:reel Z:Probably the best-known reel. Also an American fiddle Z:tune (Hop High Ladies) Z:According to O'Neill, it was the only reel known in certain parts of Z:Ireland around the turn of the century. E:7 K:G BA|:G2 BG dGBG|B2 BA BcBA|G2 BG dGBG|A2 AG AcBA|G2 BG dGBG|B2 BA ~B3 d|efed Bdef|gedB AcBA:|

G2 gf edegB2 BA BcBAG2 gf edegA2 AG AcBAG2 gf edegB2 BA ~B3 defedBdefgedB AcBA:


<abc> X:28 T:Merry Blacksmith, The M:C| R:reel Z:Vancouver E:7 K:D AB|d2 dA BAFA|ABdA BAFA|ABde fded|Beed egfe|d2 dA BAFA|~A2 FA BAFA|ABde fedB|AFEF D2:| fg|a2 ag ~f3 e|dedA BAFA|ABde f2ed|Beed efge|abag fgfe|d3 A BAFA|ABde fedB|AFEF D2:| </abc>

<abc> X:29 T:Star of Munster, The M:C| R:reel E:6 K:ADor ed|c2 Ac BAGB|AGEF GEDG|EAAG ABcd| eaaf gedB|c2 Ac BAGB|AGEF GEDG|EAAG ABcd|ecdB A2:| Bd|:eaab ageg|agbg agef|~g3a gfef|(3gfe af gfed|eaab ageg|agbg agef|~g3e ~a3 g|~b3 a gfed:|


<abc> X:30 T:Drowsy Maggie M:C| E:7 R:reel K:EDor ~E2 BE dEBE|~E2BE AFDF|~E2 BE dEBE|BABc dAFD|~E2 BE dEBE|~E2BE AFDF|~E2 BE dEBE|BABc dAFA|| d2 fd c2 ec|defg afge|d2 fd c2 ec|BABc dAFA|d2 fd c2 ec|defg afge|afge fdec|BABc dAFD|| </abc>

<abc> X:31 T:Saint Anne's Reel M:C| Z:Originally French Canadian, now firmly adopted in Ireland. Madison. E:7 R:reel K:D de|fedf edcB|A2 FA DAFA|B2GB EBGB|A2 FA DAFA|fedf edcB|A2 FA DAFA|BGBd cAce|d2 dc d2:| ag|fdfa fdfa|aggf~g3f|edcB Acea|baa^g a3=g|fdfa fdfa|aggf~g3f|edcBAcec|dedc d2:| </abc>

<abc> X:32 T:Silver Spear, The M:C| E:7 Z:Boston R:reel K:D FA ~A2 BAFA|dfed Bcd2|FA ~A2 BAFA|dfed B2 A2|FA ~A2 BAFA|dfed Bcdf|~g3 e~f3 e|dfed B2 A2:| faaf bfaf|gfed Bcde|faaf bfaf|gfed B2 A2|faaf bfaf|gfed Bcde|~g3 e~f3 e|dfed B2 A2:|



X:33 T:Cooley's M:C| E:7 Z:Boston R:reel K:EDor D|EBBA B2 EB|B2 AB dBAG|(3FED AD BDAG|(3FED FA dAFD|EBBAB2 EB|B2 AB defg|afec dBAF|DEFD E3:| gf|eB ~B2 efgf|eB ~B2 gedB|A2 FA DAFA|~A2 FA defg|eB~B2 efgf|eB ~B2 defg|afec dBAF|DEFD E2:| </abc>

<abc> X:34 T:Pigeon on the Gate, The M:C| E:6.5 Z:Boston R:reel K:EDor dc|BE ~E2 BEdE|BE ~E2 dBAF|D2 (3FED ADFE|DEFA BAFA|BE ~E2 BEdE|BE ~E2 B2 AF|D2 FA dfec|dBAF E2:| FA|Beed efed|(3Bcd ef gedB|Addc d3 B|A2 FE DEFA|Beed efed|(3Bcd ef g2 fg|af (3gfe fd ec|dBAF E2:| </abc>

<abc> X:35 T:Swinging on the Gate M:C| R:reel E:7 Z:From Bulmer and Sharpley. Definitely a tune for the fiddles. Z:Boston R:reel K:D FA|d2AF D2 EF|G2FG FDB,D|A,DFA d2 cA|(3Bcd ed cABc|dBAF~D2 EF|GEFD EDB,D|GE (3FED EDB,G,|A,B,DE D2:| FA|~d2 de faef|dcBA F2 ED|B,E ~E2 GFED|B,DEF GABc|dcde (3fga ef|dcBA F2 EF|(3GFE FD EDB,G,|A,B,DE D2:| </abc>

<abc> X:36 T:Galway Rambler, The T:Walsh's Favorite T:Wellington's M:C| E:7 Z:Boston. From the playing of Paddy Canny and P.J. Hayes. R:reel K:G G2 dG eGdG|G2dB AGEF|GFGA BABd|gedB AGEF|G2 dG eGdG|G2dB AGEF|GFGA BABd|gedB AGEF|| g2 bg agab|gabg agef|g2 bg agab|gedB AGED|gabg gabg|gabg a2 ga|(3bag af gbaf|gedB AGED|| </abc>

<abc> X:37 T:Sally Gardens, The M:C| E:7 Z:Boston R:reel K:G DE|~G2 DG BAGB|dBeB dBAB|d2 (3Bcd eBdB|AcBA GEDE|~G2 DG BAGB|dBeB dBAB|d2 (3Bcd efge|dBAB G2:| Bc|dggf g2 dg| ~g2 bg aged|ea ~a2 a2 ea|~a2 bg ageg|dggf g2 dg| ~g2 bg ageg|d2 (3Bcd efge|dBAB G2:| </abc>

<abc> X:38 T:Ships Are Sailing M:C| E:6.6 Z:Boston R:reel K:G Beed B^cdB|AD (3FED AD (3FED|~E3 F GFGA|Beef gfed|Beed B^cdB|AD (3FED AD (3FED|~E3 F GFGA|Beed e2|| ef|gfga bgeg|fefg afdf|~g3a bgeg|~f3g e2 ef|gfga bgeg|fefg afdf|~g2 bg ~f2 af|edef g2|| </abc>

<abc> X:39 T:Sheehan's T:Wellington's Z:Boston M:C| E:7 R:reel K:G G2 BG DGBG|ABcA BG ~G2|~A3 B cABG|EAAG FADF|G2 BG DGBG|cBAB cdef|gedB c2 Bc|dBcA BG ~G2:| g2 bg dgbg|gbag fade|f2 af dfaf|gbag fddf|g2 bg dgbg|gbag fdef|(3gfe dB c2 Bc|dBcA BG ~G2:| </abc>

<abc> X:40 T:Shaskeen, The Z:Boston Z:There are several different versions of the second part Z:floating around. M:C| E:7 R:reel K:G DG ~G2 ABcA|d2ed cA ~A2|~B3 G~A3 F|GBAG FGEF|DG ~G2 ABcA|d2ed cA ~A2|f2df edcA|AGFA G3 z:| dggfg2 fg|abag fdde|f3d g2 fg|abag fd d2|dggfg2 fg|abag fdde|~f3 d ~e3d|cAFA G3 z |dggfg2 fg|abag fdde|f3d g2 fg|abag fddc|~B3 G ~A3F|GBAG FD D2|f2 df edcA|AGFA G3 z|| </abc>

<abc> X:41 T:Wise Maid, The T:Doherty's M:C| C:Johnny Doherty E:6.5 R:reel K:D ~F3 G FEDE|FAAB AFED|d2 (3efg fdec|dBAF BE ~E2|~F3 G FEDE|FAAB AFED|d2 (3efg fdec|dBAG FD ~D2:| d z AG FDFA|dfafgfeg|fAdf eAce|dfed cA~A2|BDGB ADFA|dfaf gfed|(3Bcd ce dBAG|FAEA D3 z:| </abc>

<abc> X:42 T:Bank of Ireland, The M:C| Z:Boston Z:You can slide into those leading C's E:6.5 R:reel K:DMix AB|c2 AB cBAG|EGDG EGAB|c2 AB cBAG|Adde fded|c2 AB cBAG|EGDG EGAB|c3 d cBAG|Add^c d2:| K:D e|f2df e3 c|dfed cA ~A2|f2df gfed|eaag ed d2|fg (3agf ef (3gfe|dfed cA~A2|Addc defg|af (3gfe d3:| </abc>

<abc> X:43 T:Sligo Maid, The M:C| Z:Boston E:7 R:reel K:AMix A2 BA (3Bcd ef|gedB AGEF|~G2 BG dGBG|DEGA BAdB|A2 BA (3Bcd ef|gedB AGEG|B3G A2GE|DEGA BA ~A2:| eaag a2ga|bgab gfed|eggf ~g3e|dega bgag|eaag a2ga|bgab gfed|eg~g2 edBc|dBgB BA ~A2:| </abc>

<abc> X:44 T:Christmas Eve T:Tommy Coen's M:C| E:7 C:Tommy Coen Z:Boston R:reel K:G GE|D3 E G3 A|B2 dB ABGB|ABGE ~D3 E|G2 BG ABGE|D3 E ~G3 A|B2 dB ABGA|BA ~A2 GEBG| ABGE G3:| A|BA (3Bcd edeg|agge g2 eg|a2 ge gage|dedB ABGA|BA (3Bcd edeg|agge g2 eg|a2 ge d2 BG| ABGE G2:| dc|BG ~G2 dGBd|eg ~g2 egdc|BG ~G2 dGBG|EA ~A2 EA ~A2|BG ~G2 dGBd|eggf ~g3 a|bgag edBG|ABGE G2:| </abc>

<abc> X:45 T:Temperance Reel, The T:Teetotaller's Reel, The M:C| E:7 R:reel K:G D|G2GF GABc|d2ge dBAc|BEED EFGA|BGAF GFED|~G3F GABc|dBge dBAc|BEED EFGA|BGAF G3:| A|Beed e3g|fgaf gfed|Bdd^c d3 e|fgafgfed|Beed ~e3 g|fgaf gfed|BEED EFGA|BGAF G3:| </abc>

<abc> X:46 T:Junior Crehan's Favorite T:Knotted Cord, The M:C| Z:From Liam O'Flynn E:7 R:reel K:ADor ~A3B AE ~E2|A2 (3Bcd edBA|~G3 A GEDE|~G2 BG dGBG|~A3 B AE ~E2|A2 (3Bcd edBA|~G2 Bd efge|dBGA BA ~A2:| ea~a2 eaag|eaag aged|eg~g2 eggf|~g3 a geed|ea ~a2 eaag|eaag aged|~B3 d gaba|gedB BA A2:| </abc>

<abc> X:47 T:Earl's Chair, The M:C| E:7 R:reel K:D A|B2 dB BAFA|B2 dB BAFB|AF ~F2 DF ~F2|AFdB ADFA|B3d BAFA|~B2 dB BAFB|AFAB dcdf|edef d3:| f|:~e3 f d2 (3Bcd |edef dBAB|~e3f d3e|fedB ADFA|~e3 f dB~B2|gB ~B2 defg|afbf afeg|fedB ADFA:| </abc>

<abc> X:48 T:Fermoy Lasses, The M:C| E:7 R:reel K:G BA|:GE ~E2 BE ~E2|GE ~E2 BcBA|GE ~E2 BE ~E2|AFDF AcBA|GE ~E2 BE ~E2|GE ~E2 BcBA|~G3 F GBdB|AFDF AcBA:| G2 (3BAG dGBA|G2 Bd efg2|~G3B dGBG|AFDF AcBA|G2 (3BAG dGBA|G2 Bd efg2|afge dedB|AFDF AcBA:| </abc>


<abc> X:49 T:Rights of Man, The Z:Leo Rowsome's setting, from his uilleann pipe tutor. M:4/4 E:6.5 R:hornpipe K:G GA|BcAB GAFG|EFGA B2ef|gfed Bgfg|(3ege dB A2GA|BcABGAFG|EFGA B2ef|gfed BA (3Bcd|e2 E2 E2:| ga|babg efga|babg egfe| dAFA d^cdf|afdf a2 gf|edef gfga |(3bag af g2ef|gfed BA (3Bcd|e2 E2 E2:|

\noindent The first measure is often played in triplets:



<abc> X:50 T:Boys of Bluehill, The M:4/4 E:7 Z:Often followed by Harvest Home as a medley R:hornpipe K:D FA|BAFA D2FA|BA (3Bcd e2de|faaf egfe|dfed B2dA|BAFA DAFA|BA (3Bcd e2de| faaf egfe|d2 d2 d2:| fg|afdf a2gf|efga b2ag|faafegfe|dfed B2dA|BAFA D2FA|BA (3Bcd e2de| faaf egfe|d2 d2 d2:| </abc>

<abc> X:51 T:Harvest Home M:4/4 E:6.5 Z:Madison R:hornpipe K:D AF|DAFA DAFA|defe dcBA|eAfA gAfA|(3efe (3dcB (3ABA (3GFE|DAFA DAFA|defedcBA|eAfAgecA|d2 f2 d2:| cd|eA ~A2 fA ~A2|gAfA eA ~A2|eAfA gAfA|(3efe (3dcB (3ABA (3GFE|DAFA DAFA|defe dcBA|eAfA gecA|d2 f2 d2:| </abc>

<abc> X:52 T:Off to California M:4/4 R:hornpipe Z:Boston sessions E:6.5 K:G (3DEF|GFGBAGED|GBdg e2 (3def|gfgd edBG|ABAG E2 (3DEF|GFGB AGED|GBdg e2 (3def|gfgd edBG|(3ABA GF G2:| d|gfeg fedf|edef edB2 |(3def gd edBG|ABAG E2 (3DEF|GFGB AGED|GBdg e2 (3def|gfgd edBG|(3ABA GF G3:| </abc>

<abc> X:53 T:Kitty's Wedding M:4/4 R:hornpipe Z:Boston sessions R:hornpipe E:6.5 K:D fe|d2 Bd A2 FA|BAFE DFED|B,DA,D DFBF|AFDF E2 fe|d2 Bd A2 FA|BAFA D2 ED|B,DA,D DFBF|AFEF D2:| fg|afed bafd|Adfd edBA|DFAd FAde|fdgf e2 fg|afed bafd|Adfd edBA|DFAd FAdf|eABc d2:| </abc>

<abc> X:54 T:Home Ruler, The M:4/4 R:hornpipe Z:Boston sessions E:6.5 K:D FE|D2 FA D2 FA|dfed BcdB|A3 B AFDE|FDED B,DA,B,|D2 FA D2 FA|dfed BcdB|A3 B AFDE|F2D2D2:| AB|d3c defg|afbf afed|efed BA (3Bcd|fded BdAB|d3c defg|afbf afed|efed BA (3dcB|AFEF D2:| </abc>

<abc> X:55 T:Plains of Boyle, The M:4/4 R:hornpipe E:7 K:D FG|AFDE FED2|(3ABA GB AFD2|fedf edce|dcAB =cABG|AFDE FED2|(3ABA GB AFD2|fedc (3ABc AG|F2D2D2:| fg|afdf g2 fe|dfed BAF2|(3ABA FA BAF2|(3ABA FA BAfg|afdf g2 fe|dfed BAF2|(3ABA AF GEAG|F2D2D2:| </abc>


<abc> X:56 T:Ballydesmond Polka #1, The M:2/4 Z:All three of the Ballydesmond polkas are from playing of Denis Murphy and Z:Julia Clifford. They are usually played as a set. Z:Boston R:polka E:13 K:G A3B A2G2|E2F2 G2E2|A3B A2G2|A2d2 dedc|A3B A2G2|E2F2 G4|A2B2 c2E2|E2D2 D4:| A2d2 d4|e2d2 c4|e2d2 c2d2|e2a2 abag|e2d2 c4|e2d2 c4|A3B c2d2|e2f2g3f|e2d2 c2d2|e2A2 c2d2|e3d c2d2|e2a2 abag|efg2 d3B|c2e2 d3B|A2B2 c2E2|E2D2 D4|| </abc>

<abc> X:57 T:Ballydesmond Polka #2, The T:Maurice Manley's Z:Boston M:2/4 R:polka E:13 K:G E2A2 A2B2|c2d2 e2g2|G3F G2A2|G2E2 E2D2|E2A2 A2B2|c2d2 e3f|g2e2 dedB|A4 A4:| a3g a2b2|a2g2 e2f2|g3f g2a2|g2e2 d2e2|a3g a2b2|a2g2 e3f|g2e2 dedB| A4 A4:| </abc>

<abc> X:58 T:Ballydesmond Polka #3, The T:Tom Billy's M:2/4 Z:Boston R:polka E:12 K:G AB|c4 B4|A2BA G3A|B2d2e2d2|g6 z d|e2a2 gage|d2B2 G2AB|c2e2 d2B2|A6:| e2a2 a2ag|d2g2 g4|e2a2 a2b2|g6 z d|e2a2 gage|d2B2 G2AB|c2e2 d2B2|A4 A4:| </abc>

<abc> X:59 T:Spanish Lady Z:Boston M:2/4 R:polka E:10 K:D AG|:F2A2 A2Bc|d3c d2ef|g2e2 f2d2|B2A2 ABAG|F2A2 A2Bc|d3c d2ef|g2e2 f2d2|B2A2 A4:| f2a2 abaf|e2d2 d2e2|f2a2 a3f|e2d2 e4|f2a2 abaf|e2d2 d2ef|g2e2 f2d2|B2A2 A4:| </abc>

<abc> X:60 T:Charlie Harris' Polka M:2/4 Z:From the playing of Kevin Burke. This is a polka version of Z:Charlie Harris' Reel. Madison R:polka K:D d3B|A2F2 D2F2|E2F2 D2F2|A2F2 A2B2|e4 d3B|A2F2 D2F2|E2F2 D2F2|A2F2 A2B2|d4:| A2|d4 f2d2|e2f2 d2B2|A2F2 A2B2|e4 d2A2|[1d4 f2d2|e2f2 d2B2|A2F2 A2B2|d6 :|[2d2f2 fefg|a2f2 f3f|a2f2 e2f2|d6||


<abc> X:61 T:Maggie in the Woods M:2/4 Z:There are some slightly rowdy lyrics on one of the Z:early Chieftains albums. Madison, Vancouver E:10 R:polka K:G BA|G2D2 G2A2|B2e2 efge|d2B2 BAGA|B2A2 AcBA| G2D2 G2A2|B2e2 efge|d2B2 A2BA|G4 G2:| d2|g3f e2d2|e2f2 g3e| d2B2 BAGA|B2A2 A3d|g3f e2d2|e2f2 g3e|d2B2 A2B2|G4 G2:| </abc>

<abc> X:62 T:Denis Murphy's Polka M:2/4 E:10 R:polka K:D fgfe d3B|A2D2 F2A2|G2E2 e3d|c2B2 B2A2|fgfe d3B|A2D2 F2A2|G2E2 e3f|e2d2 d3:| B|A2f2 fef2|A2g2 gfg2|A2f2 fef2|efed B2A2 |A2f2 fef2|A2g2 g3a|b2a2 g2c2|e2d2 d3:| </abc>

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