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 +====== Setting up Atlas Probes ======
 +This exercise will set up your RIPE Atlas Probe which was provided earlier by the Instructors.
 +=== Plug it in! ===
 +The first thing we all need to do is plug the probe into the public network infrastructure. The Instructors will explain to you what needs to be done. Basically it needs to be connected somewhere which is connected to the global Internet, and can provide an IP address to the probe by DHCP.
 +=== Create RIPE NCC Access Account ===
 +Once your probe is attached to the network, you need to to is set up your account on the RIPE NCC website. Go to https://​​ and if you do not already have a RIPE NCC account click on the link to create a new account. Provide the details and wait for the validation email which will arrive in a few minutes after you set up your account.
 +=== Register Probe ===
 +Once your account is set up, go https://​ and click on "​Login"​ on the top right hand side of the screen. A successful login will take you to your Atlas account home page.
 +The second step is to register your probe - either follow the register link, or use https://​​register/​ URL to do so. Fill in your name and all the requested details (ask the Instructors if you need help), and then click on "​Register Your Probe" button.
 +=== Probe Measurement Data ===
 +Going back to your Atlas home page, your newly registered probe should appear in the list. There won't be any data from traffic yet; it will take about 15-30 minutes before anything will display there.
 +Check back later on in the workshop, and hopefully you'll see measurement data from your Atlas probe.
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