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Network Monitoring and Management ("NMM")

Time Schedule

Session 1 09:00 - 10:30
Break 10:30 - 11:00
Session 2 11:00 - 12:30
Lunch 12:30 - 13:30
Session 3 13:30 - 15:30
Break 15:30 - 16:00
Session 4 16:00 - 17:30*

*Building closes at 18:00


FL Name Organisation Country
HA Hervey Allen NSRC United States
MJ Mike Jager NSRC New Zealand
DP Dean Pemberton (Thursday afternoon) NSRC New Zealand
HK Hans Kuhn (Thursday afternoon) NSRC United States

Workshop Sessions


Session Topic Inst Presentations Exercises Software
Session 1.1 Welcome and Introduction HA/MJ PDF
Session 1.2 Introduction to Net Mgmt MJ PDF
Session 2.1 Linux Basics for NMM HA PDF Ubuntu
Session 2.2 Initial VM Configuration HA HTML
Session 3.1 Cisco Config for NMM MJ PDF Cisco
Session 3.2 Cisco Config Lab MJ HTML OpenSSH : NTP
Session 4.1 SNMP MJ PDF net-snmp
Session 4.2 SNMP Labs MJ HTML


Session Topic Inst Presentations Exercises Software
Session 1.1 Cacti HA PDF Cacti
Session 1.2 Cacti Lab HA PDF
Session 1.3 Cacti Lab Linux Stats HA PDF
Session 1.4 Cacti Lab Disk Stats HA PDF
Session 1.5 Cacti Lab CLI Commands HA PDF
Session 2.1 LibreNMS MJ PDF LibreNMS
Session 2.2 Install LibreNMS MJ HTML
Session 2.3 LibreNMS Lab MJ HTML
Session 3.1 LibreNMS cont. if needed MJ
Session 3.2 Types of Delay HA PDF
Session 3.3 SmokePing HA PDF SmokePing
Session 4.1 SmokePing Lab 1 HA HTML
Session 4.2 SmokePing Lab 2 HA HTML
SmokePing Configuration Files HA here


Session Topic Inst Presentations Exercises Software
Session 1.1 Nagios MJ PDF Nagios
Session 1.2 Nagios Lab 1 MJ 1: HTML
Session 2.1 Nagios Lab 2 MJ 2: HTML
Session 2.2 Nagios Optional Lab MJ Extra: HTML
Session 3.1 NetFlow MJ PDF Cisco NetFlow
Session 3.2 NetFlow Lab MJ HTML
Session 4.1 NfSen HA PDF NfSen
Session 4.2 NfSen Install Lab HA HTML
Session 4.3 NfSen Top Talkers HA PDF
Session 4.4 NfSen Usage Lab HA PDF
Session 4.5 NfSen PortTracker (Optional) HA HTML


Session Topic Inst Presentations Exercises Software
Session 1.1 NfSen Labs cont. as needed HA
Session 1.2 Version Control (RANCID / WebSVN) MJ PDF RANCID
Session 2.1 RANCID / WebSVN Lab MJ HTML
Session 2.2 RANCID / WebSVN Lab cont. MJ
Session 2.3 Log Management MJ PDF
Session 3.1 Syslog Lab MJ HTML syslog-ng
Session 3.2 Tenshi Lab HA HTML Tenshi
Session 4.1 Netdot DP/HK PDF Netdot
Session 4.2 Netdot Lab DP/HK HTML


Session Topic Inst Presentations Exercises Software
Session 1.1 Network Attack Simulation HA
Session 1.2 Ticketing Systems HA PDF Request Tracker
Session 2.1 Request Tracker Lab HA PDF
Session 3.1 Integration Nagios and RT HA HTML RT Mailgate
Session 3.2 Questionnaire HA Survey
Session 3.3 Summary and Q&A HA/MJ
Session 3.4 Final Exam HA/MJ Exam
Session 4.1 Certificates All

Supplementary Exercises and Materials

  • Additional reference materials are available here
  • Cacti plugin documentation for Threshold and Settings plugin here
  • Log file processing drilldown example: here
  • Netdot: Presentation by the principal author of Netdot (Carlos Vicente) at NANOG 49 (PDF)
  • Netdot: Additional reference information: here
  • RackTables: demonstration site
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