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 +====== Curriculum Development Roles ======
 +===== Master of Curriculum (MC) =====
 +This person is in charge of the overall direction of the course. ​ They will have been a long time contributor to the repository. ​ They must also ensure that they have enough spare time to devote to the ongoing development of the material. ​ They will be involved in every commit to the stable repository, and mediate any discussion between other parties.  ​
 +===== Subject Matter Expert (SME) =====
 +The SME is a member of the development team who is familiar and has experience in the subject matter of the course. ​ They will probably be a long time contributor.  ​
 +===== External Assessor (EA) =====
 +The EA is preferably someone with little to no history developing material for a particular course. ​ They are by no means unskilled, but this role relies on the fact that they do not make cognitive leaps while assessing material. ​ To this end it helps to have the EA as removed from the creation of material as possible.
 +Here is a list of people fulfilling these roles within the current repos.
 +Repo name,​Current state. ,Master of Curriculum,​Subject Matter Expert,​External Assessor
 +cheat-sheets.git,​Not yet Stable,,,
 +cloud-virt.git,​Not yet Stable,,,
 +dns-dnssec.git,​Not yet Stable,​Phil,,​Mike
 +doc-templates.git,​Not yet Stable,,,
 +net-design.git,​Not yet Stable,,,
 +netmgmt.git,​Not yet Stable,​Phil,​Chris,"​Dean,​ Mike"
 +nsrcdb.git,​Not yet Stable,,,
 +openflow-sdn.git,​Not yet stable,​Dean,,​
 +outlines.git,​Not yet Stable,,,
 +security.git,​Not yet Stable,​Phil,,​Dean
 +sysadm-services.git,​Not yet Stable,,,​Dean
 +training.git,​Not yet Stable,,,
 +wireless.git,​Not yet Stable,​Jon,​Chris,​
 +workshop-kit.git,​Not yet Stable,,,​Dean
 +wsn.git,Not yet Stable,​Jon,,​
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