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Curriculum Development Roles

Master of Curriculum (MC)

This person is in charge of the overall direction of the course. They will have been a long time contributor to the repository. They must also ensure that they have enough spare time to devote to the ongoing development of the material. They will be involved in every commit to the stable repository, and mediate any discussion between other parties.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The SME is a member of the development team who is familiar and has experience in the subject matter of the course. They will probably be a long time contributor.

External Assessor (EA)

The EA is preferably someone with little to no history developing material for a particular course. They are by no means unskilled, but this role relies on the fact that they do not make cognitive leaps while assessing material. To this end it helps to have the EA as removed from the creation of material as possible.

Here is a list of people fulfilling these roles within the current repos.

Repo nameCurrent state. Master of CurriculumSubject Matter ExpertExternal Assessor
cheat-sheets.gitNot yet Stable
cloud-virt.gitNot yet Stable
dns-dnssec.gitNot yet StablePhilMike
doc-templates.gitNot yet Stable
net-design.gitNot yet Stable
netmgmt.gitNot yet StablePhilChrisDean, Mike
nsrcdb.gitNot yet Stable
openflow-sdn.gitNot yet stableDean
outlines.gitNot yet Stable
security.gitNot yet StablePhilDean
sysadm-services.gitNot yet StableDean
training.gitNot yet Stable
wireless.gitNot yet StableJonChris
workshop-kit.gitNot yet StableDean
wsn.gitNot yet StableJon
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